Guitar and Voice Lessons

Guitar and Voice Lessons for Beginning Students

Voice Lessons for Beginners

I have been offering singing lessons, or vocal coaching, for a the past couple of years.  I have no academic credentials in the field of vocal performance, though I do have a lot of experience working with singing students.  Through my work as a piano accompanist, I sit-in on dozens of voice lessons and choir rehearsals every year and have picked-up some skills in this area.

I can take a beginning student through vocal warm-ups, basic solfège (do-re-mi) skills, pitch, sight-singing, vocal literature, basic music theory, etc.  If I feel a student has progressed beyond a point that I am qualified to teach, I will happily refer them to someone else. 

I love to sing, and encouraging others to sing-up and sing-out has become something of a cause for me.  There are very few people in the world who cannot sing, and almost everyone can get better at it.  A lot of vocal performance is simply a matter of confidence, attitude, and a little training.  I can help in all three of these areas.

Pairing Piano and Voice lessons every week is a great combination, and I recommend 45-minute lessons for this track.

Guitar Lessons for Beginners

I’ve enjoyed an off-again on-again relationship with guitars since grade school. While I I am by no means a virtuoso guitar player, I can get an absolute beginner started on the rudiments of guitar: tuning and caring for the instrument, learning chords and scales, etc.  For me, the guitar is a means to an end: singing!  I use the guitar to accompany voice, rather than as a stand-alone pursuit.


What equipment do we need to start guitar lessons?

Two things:

  1. A reasonably functional guitar that FITS the player. Full-size guitars can be bulky and cumbersome for a young person before the age of 15 or so. There is a new generation of smaller guitars on the market now- check with the experts at Bridge of Harmony in downtown Brainerd as to what guitar would work best for your young musician. (Disclaimer: my brother sells guitars at Bridge of Harmony- he does not work “on commission” nor do I get a referral fee.)
  2. A quartz tuner. These have dropped in price and can be found for less than $20.

Is the crummy old child’s guitar up in the attic okay to start out lessons with?

Probably not. Trying to keep a poor-quality guitar in tune is very frustrating and I don’t recommend it.

Can we combine piano lessons with guitar lessons?

Yes. Some students schedule an hour a week with me so we can spend half of it on piano and the other half on guitar.

How much do you charge for Voice and Guitar lessons?

Tuition is $70 per month. We will usually have four lessons a month (weekly), but some months we may have three lessons and others may have five. The tuition is the same for months of 3, 4 or 5 lessons: $70 per month.  We can also arrange 45-minute lessons for $90 per month.

I appreciate payment on the first lesson of the month, checks or cash.