Accompanist/Soloist for Weddings, Social Gatherings, Dinners, etc.



I began my career as a piano accompanist in the 8th grade, playing the Cat Stevens arrangement of “Morning Has Broken” with a small vocal group from the school choir. In my senior year, I played “Bridge Over Troubled Water” for the homecoming coronation. These experiences were fun, but I never thought then that piano accompaniment would be something I would pursue throughout life!

I have played many free-lance solo piano gigs over the years, from Easter Brunch at Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge to funerals or weddings, company dinners, Christmas parties, community theatre productions and more.

I have worked as a professional accompanist at Central Lake College since 2000. Working as accompanist to the college’s choirs keeps me versatile, flexible and familiar with current trends in academics. I perform in public with the choirs two or three times a year. I love this work!


What are your rates for solo or accompanist work?

This varies greatly- please contact me for information.

Will you play for free at my upcoming benefit?

Possibly. Again, please contact me for information.